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The outlook for British manufacturing is positive: we make great products and a weak pound makes our exports competitive. But there are challenges: getting the order, knowing who you’re dealing with, and wondering when you’ll get paid.

URICA has the product for these challenges. When you’re selling, URICASH eliminates the risk of not getting paid. When you’re buying, URICASHBACK gives you a credit line so you can buy better.

Chesterfield Special Cylinders used URICA to rid its supply chain of payment pressure

“In the past we’ve had good suppliers go out of business. That hurts. Not just them but us too. If this cash flow model existed then, I believe these suppliers would still be in business.”

Mick Pinder, Managing Director, Chesterfield Special Cylinders

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How much does it cost?

URICA pays you close to 100% of your invoice. How close depends on how quickly you want payment. The difference is URICA’s fee. And that fee covers everything. Just one fee and you only pay when you use URICA. So, just to be clear:

No registration fees

No account fees

No platform fees

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No cancellation fees

Use URICA when you want and only pay when you do.

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