Creatives must be able to manage long payment terms – they have suppliers to pay

The UK creative industry is a global success story and a weak pound makes it ripe for export. But this is when the challenges begin: breaking into new markets and managing foreign exchange risk.

Creative projects use many suppliers and they need paying before you get paid, which might take months. Not paying suppliers isn’t an option so you need to manage up and down your supply chain. This is where URICA can help.

URICASH allows you to be paid on your terms. URICASHBACK means you can pay suppliers early without hampering your cash flow.

Great Guns expanded to Asia because of URICA

“The brilliant thing about URICA is the flexibility: we can choose the clients and contracts where we use it.”

Laura Gregory, Global CEO and Founder of production company, Great Guns

You could be using URICA’s supply chain funding model in days.

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How much does it cost?

URICA pays you close to 100% of your invoice. How close depends on how quickly you want payment. The difference is URICA’s fee. And that fee covers everything. Just one fee and you only pay when you use URICA. So, just to be clear:

No registration fees

No account fees

No platform fees

No minimum account activity

No cancellation fees

Use URICA when you want and only pay when you do.

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