The construction industry needs a well-financed supply chain

The construction industry has one of the most complex supply chains of any sector. This makes them prone to breaking. Then you’re at risk of contractual penalties. The latest edition of YouGov’s Supply Chain Funding index has construction as the worst performing sector and predicts it to get worse.

Banks don’t like this uncertainty so don’t have the products constructors need. But URICA does and it can finance against an application for payment or invoice; it can deal with retentions and CIS; and it can cope with stage payments.

By working with URICA, Emico submits more competitive tenders

“URICA allows us to engage with our suppliers, our sub-contractors, and our customers. We can offer early payments to our suppliers and we want to use URICA with our customers so they pay us early. If we can use URICA up and down supply chain we can offer discounts and become more competitive.”

John Barry, Managing Director, Emico Building Services

You could be using URICA’s supply chain funding model in days.

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How much does it cost?

URICA pays you close to 100% of your invoice. How close depends on how quickly you want payment. The difference is URICA’s fee. And that fee covers everything. Just one fee and you only pay when you use URICA. So, just to be clear:

No registration fees

No account fees

No platform fees

No minimum account activity

No cancellation fees

Use URICA when you want and only pay when you do.

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