Our Mission

URICA empowers businesses to pay and get paid on the terms they want, releasing cash into supply chains with zero risk.

Why does URICA exist?

URICA was established by a group of experienced and motivated business people in strategic collaboration with major European financial institutions and the British Government.

Business payments are governed by centuries old conventions. Larger businesses expect longer payment terms. Their target is to remain cash flow neutral. Smaller businesses want shorter terms. Growth pushes them to go cash flow negative. Many then have only two options – go into debt, or turn away business.

The current system disadvantages smaller businesses who are in effect banking their customers. Small businesses are the largest net providers of credit into the global economy, and yet they are the engine-room of growth in GDP, jobs and fiscal revenues.

If everyone paid on time, the problem would go away. There would be more cash in the economy fuelling growth and making supply chains more sustainable. But, understandably, there is an inherent tension between suppliers who want early payment and customers who want longer payment terms. URICA now provides a simple solution that removes this payment tension and lets everyone pay and get paid on the terms they want.

URICA offers a solution: high-end yet easy-to-use technology that allows both parties to do business on the terms they want. URICA is designed to stimulate SME growth by injecting cash into the supply chains.

The URICA Manifesto

URICA exists because

  • The current system of trading between businesses is broken and outdated
  • There is an inevitable tension between suppliers wanting early payment and customers requiring longer terms
  • The current system disadvantages small businesses but it doesn’t have to
  • Small businesses are in effect banking their customers
  • The problem of late payments has become an accepted part of modern business

URICA believes we should

  • Harness the latest technology and partner with global financial institutions
  • Provide a platform that allows businesses to pay and get paid when they want, without compromise or risk
  • Release cash into supply chains as the catalyst for growth