Expand and finance your exports by securing your credit terms abroad. Negotiate the payment terms that suit both you and your international clients.

Use URICASH EXPORT to benefit from a secure accelerated payment and to offer more competitive payment terms to your export customers. In the same way as with your domestic customers, we assess the risk on each of your export invoices.

  • Simple, fast and accurate process.
  • Global coverage in over 50 countries.
  • We cover foreign exchange risk too.
  • Know if your international customers are reliable and credit-worthy.
  • Be paid 100% of the invoice amount minus our fee as soon as your customer at the other end of the world has verified your invoice online.
  • We pay you cash, without recourse, as if your customer had paid you.
  • Compete in global markets and offer open account credit with zero risk or debt.
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Without personal guarantees | No risk of customer non-payment | Accelerated payments | No letters of credit

URICASH EXPORT allows you to:

Avoid late payment and non-payment

We take on all of this risk as soon as we pay you for your invoices.

Grow your international market

While your competitors struggle to collect their invoices abroad, you can widen your pool of international customers in a secure way without worrying about cash flow problems.

Review your contractual terms

Become even more competitive by offering your customers new terms that will encourage them to work with you more.

Eliminate currency risk

We take on all of this risk as soon as we pay you for your invoices.

“You can’t put a value on peace of mind but that’s what the URICA solution gives us. We know we’ve got money in the bank and we know your international customer is solid because URICA has checked them out.”

Paul Loomes, Managing Director, Ecospin

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How does it work?

Login and try URICA

Do it online or phone our team on 0207 193 7616
to register on our platform.

Add your invoices

Once you have agreed on payment terms with your customers, upload your invoices on the URICA platform to benefit from all its advantages.

Be paid when you wish

As soon as your customer approves an invoice online, URICA pays you 100% of the invoice minus our fee. You can choose to be paid immediately or on a date of your choice. Your customer will pay URICA the total amount of the invoice.
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How much does it cost?

One “ALL IN” fee

Our model will always allow us to pay you an amount close to 100% of the invoice value. The difference between the full invoice value and the amount you receive is our fee. The URICA fee covers everything: our service, FX, credit insurance, early payment, money transfer and administration fees.

An exclusive payment model based on usage

You pay only when you use URICA. It is simple: you do not pay us anything if you do not use URICA, even if you have an account.

No additional costs

There are no hidden costs, no registration fees, no minimum commission. You can stop working with URICA when you want without penalty.

A dynamic pricing

Our fee is strictly proportional to the period between when we pay you and your customer pays us back and the individual risk of each invoice.

Zero IT costs

There are no IT associated costs since you simply use the URICA platform without any need to purchase or install additional software.

Get the maximum amount possible for your invoices – close to 100%

We do not take an additional deposit or reserve funds.

URICA helps you transform your export business. As soon as your customer confirms your invoice, you’ll be paid cash with no recourse to you, no risk of non-payment, no FX risk and total certainty.