A market-leading supply chain funding tool for businesses of all sizes.

Pay your suppliers early without using your own treasury resources and guarantee them debt-free cash. Preserve your cash to seize new opportunities.

  • You negotiate your payment terms directly with your suppliers.
  • Until you have approved your suppliers’ invoices on the URICA platform, you can challenge or even reject them at any time.
  • You are free to stop using URICA at any time.
  • No need to install software or change existing practices.
  • You validate invoices after receiving a secure password.
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Improve your image as a good payer | No cost to you | Your supplier is paid cash | No software installation

URICASHBACK enables you to

Strengthen your business

Let URICA pay your suppliers quickly and optimise your cash management.

Review your payment terms

By using URICA you can pay suppliers early and at the same time obtain the payment terms you wish. Getting paid early will make your suppliers stronger and happier.


Negotiate better conditions

URICA gives you the cash needed so you can pay your suppliers almost immediately. You then have more weight in your trading relationship to negotiate the best price and the best terms.

“If we can use URICA up and down the supply chain we can offer discounts and become more competitive.”

John Barry, Managing Director, Emico

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How does it work?

Your credit wallet

Request a credit wallet from URICA to meet your supply chain needs and, once made available to you, invite the suppliers of your choice to use these funds.

Verification and cash payments to your suppliers

Your supplier issues the invoice and uploads it on the URICA platform. As soon as you have approved it, we will settle with your supplier on the date of their choice minus our commission.

You pay URICA on invoice due date

You settle with URICA the total amount of the invoice on the due date agreed with you.


Traditionally, it is your supplier who pays the URICA fee. Other options are available – please consult us about our tailored solutions.
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How much does it cost?

It does not cost you anything

You can ask your supplier to cover the fee, share it with them or take the cost yourself and mix these options supplier by supplier.

Your suppliers will pay the “ALL-IN” URICA fee which:

  • Is proportional to the funding period.
  • Is based on usage.
  • Covers FX, credit insurance and non-payment risks without any additional costs.
  • Gives your suppliers close to 100% of their invoice value.

URICASHBACK enables you to leverage your purchasing power, strengthen your treasury, share in the discount and at the same time look after your suppliers.