"This sounded like the perfect finance opportunity we had been waiting for."

"URICA were offering to pay our invoices without any risk, personal guarantees or debentures. The only cost was a very small percentage. Because they do all the due diligence for you it was pretty much a risk free proposal that they could set up straight away."

- Allan Gannon from AG Vent


Supply Chain Finance for Businesses of all sizes.

URICA empowers businesses to pay and get paid on the terms they want,
releasing cash into the supply chain with zero debt and zero risk.


We’re not invoice discounting, but people often ask us what the difference is. We’ve put together a comparison table to help:


Invoice Discounting

100% of invoice paid up front?

Get 100% of your invoice paid from day one less a small discount


Is there a risk that I need to repay?

Once your customer agrees to pay, you don't need to ever worry about having to repay. URICA takes on all the risk, even if your customer doesn't pay

Yes, if customer does not pay

Am I taking on additional liabilities or debt?

No, URICA takes on the risk. There are no personal guarantees required, no security and no covenants. You get paid cash, with no debt

Can I choose how many invoices?

With URICA it's up to you how many invoices you want to get paid for; some, all, one or many

No flexibility. You must use for all invoices. You pay a fee calculated on entire credit facility, even if you only use a fraction

Am I tied into a long contract?

Use URICA when you want, invoice-per-invoice, there’s no ongoing contract

12 month+ contract

Is it a quick turnaround?

Yes. URICA is a modern digital network. You can be up and running same day. And because it’s cash it won’t disrupt any of your existing financial arrangements


A package of terms and conditions to review. Takes 1 month+ to set up

One simple fee?

One simple fee per invoice. Use the calculator below to see what it costs and you can price the cost of credit into your job

Typically 35+ hidden fees,
charges and interest

Available for small businesses?

URICA is business on better terms for businesses of all sizes. It's the secret the banks don't want you to know about


Supply chain finance is something that big businesses have used for years, but URICA is making it available to everyone across all industries.

Early Payment

Get paid in cash for your invoices when you need it

Pay Suppliers

When you require credit terms but your suppliers want cash up front


Offer competitive credit terms and minimise your risk when exporting


"URICA is a helping hand to our suppliers - it was a no-brainer"

Howard Jones, BSW Timber


"URICA brings us closer to our supply chain"

Mick Pinder, Chesterfield Special Cylinders


"URICA is the answer to all my export prayers"

Matthew McDowell, Resimac


"URICA revolutionised Norton's working capital by removing debt"

Stuart Garner, Norton


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