Trade on better terms

URICA early payment is a ground breaking debt free cash flow solution for SMEs funded by The British Business Bank and RSA, allowing suppliers and their customers to trade on better terms.

It improves cash flow for both parties, requires no security and no personal guarantees from either party and can be used for exports.

For a small early payment discount, we buy your invoices as early as day 1. We also take on all the risk of non-payment and give your customers extended credit of up to 90 days on your behalf, so you no longer need to.

Now you can compete and grow with confidence and still give your customers the best possible payment terms without taking on extra debt.

The early payment discount is 0.044% of the invoice value per day from your chosen early payment date to when your customer pays URICA. It includes the cost of credit insurance and there are no other costs.

Example: if you choose early payment on day 14 and give your customers 60 days credit, the early payment discount will be 2% (46 days x 0.044%).

Because we credit insure every invoice paid early you have no further credit risk and no associated debt. URICA early payment is therefore treated like outright customer settlement, strengthening your balance sheet.

Still think we’re like invoice discounting and factoring? Click below to see how we are fundamentally different to all traditional forms of debt based invoice finance.


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URICA revolutionised Norton's working capital by removing debt

Stuart Garner, Norton

Norton secured its supply chain and funded its exports without debt.

URICA is the answer to all my export prayers

Matthew McDonnell, Resimac

Resimac is able to offer competitive credit terms to its exporters but gets paid in 7 days.

URICA is a helping hand to our suppliers, it was a no-brainer

Howard Jones, BSW Timber

Howard Jones from Britain's biggest sawmill secured its supply chain.

URICA brings us closer to our supply chain

Mick Pinder, Chesterfield Special Cylinders

CSC supports their suppliers without exposing their own cash-flow.


Tomorrow’s cash flow today


You upload your invoices online to URICA and we email them to your customers with a request for confirmation via a secure link


On receipt of confirmation we buy your invoices from you for a small discount and pay you when you choose


On your behalf, we give your customers up to 90 days credit to settle your invoices directly with us

Join the early payment revolution

AS A SUPPLIER – VAT registered Limited Companies with sales of over £100,000 per annum to financially stable customers, can apply for early payment.

AS A CUSTOMER – Financially stable companies can provide early payment to their suppliers.