Global Supply Chain Funding for SMEs

URICA injects cash into supply chains to empower businesses of all sizes to pay and get paid on the terms of trade they want with zero risk and zero debt. 

It was designed from the ground up, reimagining how business payments should work to address once and for all the problem of late payment within SME supply chains.

URICA’s online platform and strategic partners mean that for the first time the benefits of supply chain funding can be available to every business in a supply chain, even the smallest.

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How it works

Credit allocation

URICA focuses 100% on the financial strength of a supplier's customer in any transaction. To get going we confidentially and quickly evaluate the customer and allocate their supplier credit. Crucially, this means that the size or financial strength of the supplier is not of any importance to us.

Supplier issues invoice electronically

The supplier then issues an invoice to their customer electronically via an email from the URICA platform.
All the supplier’s customer needs to do now is to check if the invoice is in order and approve it through a secure link in the email.

URICA then buys invoice for cash

At that point URICA will buy the invoice, less a small discount, and pay the supplier without recourse. This means a supplier can receive outright cash as soon as the day after an invoice is raised. We never require personal guarantees or security.

3% cash back and extended credit terms

As an incentive from URICA, the supplier's customer can receive 3% cash back and have up to 120 days of extended credit. The exact repayment terms are agreed between the supplier and customer at the outset - URICA only facilitates payments. As the customer can be in the UK or overseas, we can also fund a supplier’s exports in exactly the same way.

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People often ask if we are the same as invoice discounting.

We are fundamentally different.


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Our discount covers all costs: bank transaction charges, service, full credit insurance on each invoice and currency exchange risk

“URICA helped us immensely with keeping our suppliers happy, and keeping profit in the business.”

Jo Amit, Managing Director, Hownd

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