In collaboration with

Euler Hermes

Awarded for

Finance Innovation

Our approach

In a simple and flexible way URICA provides businesses with:

  • Complete security in their commercial transactions, covering the risk of insolvency.
  • Accelerated invoice payments.
  • Maximum funding, close to 100%, without retentions or reserves.
  • Coverage of both national and international trade in multi-currencies.
  • An unprecedented, easy-to-use platform enabling suppliers and customers to work together.
  • Real-time digital decisions without credit committees or protracted contract negotiations.

With complete transparency and an all-in-one price, URICA allows you to:

  • Enhance your treasury, as needed, to assure your growth and protect you against customer non-payment.
  • Offer your suppliers accelerated payment without using your own treasury.
  • Access funding invoice-by-invoice without signing up to long-term contracts, minimum volumes, or giving security.

In a simple and transparent way, URICA allows you to accelerate invoice payments without debt or recourse.

URICA can help create a strong competitive advantage for you and improve customer-supplier relations.

Customers and suppliers collaborate intelligently over URICA to minimize the impact of payment terms on their working capital.

How does it work?

You start by registering yourself and your company.

With digital processing you know in real-time if your customer invoices or supplier purchases are eligible and at what price.

The platform, electronic signature and each transaction are totally secure.

You can use URICA on an invoice by invoice basis or set up recurring payments for your convenience.

Everything is done online: whether it is pricing, assignment of receivables, signature of the deed of transfer, payment transfer, validation of invoices.



To accelerate your invoice payments when you need to get paid quickly.



To control and finance your export business.



To settle your supplier purchases rapidly and yet obtain credit to enhance your treasury.


In summary

To promote best practice and corporate social responsibility you can use URICA:

With your eligible customers: to submit your invoices and receive payment when you wish, as soon as your customer has approved them.

With your suppliers: to offer them rapid payment once you have confirmed their invoicing, on the payment terms you have agreed, whilst preserving your treasury.


"When it came to holding out a helping hand to my suppliers with URICA – it was a no-brainer."

Howard Jones, BSW Timber


"It’s absolutely worth every penny… with URICA, we are now able to offer great credit terms to our export customers, but we get paid within seven days."

Matthew McDonnell, Resimac


"Connecting my suppliers to the platform means my suppliers here in Britain get immediate payment, while we can offer the credit terms the market demands."

Stuart Garner, Norton


"URICA brings us closer to both our customers and suppliers, simply and effectively."

Mick Pinder, Chesterfield Special Cylinders